You still have to remember the reminder app

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From Tomasz Tunguz: Living is hard work. So many things to remember, like buying milk on the way home tonight. Plenty of software has been written to help us manage our daily torrent of to dos. In fact, there is a fine app for Remembering the Milk. But it has one flaw. I still have… Read more »


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Late last year I wrote a little piece about email clients. Yesterday a new app was announced that solves for a lot of the issues I’ve been having with email (email clients suck…) Mailbox app is now in a “reservation” queue mode with the aim to launch their initially free app soon & roll it… Read more »

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A lot of people appear to be jumping on board the train. is a rival to twitter. It’s essentially the same concept, but with a better design, less clutter and (ideally) no spam, because there’s a paywall to get through in order to jump in. They are being funded through kickstarter-esque means, and… Read more »

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Chrome is now on iOS as a universal app. Chrome is my favourite browser at the moment, for any platform. But what about the iOS version? Well, at first point of contact anyone who’s used Chrome will be more than familiar. The UI is very similar, and in fact you can sync to Google with… Read more »

iPad apps vs. Android apps

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Eye opening comparison by that demonstrates just how ugly Android tablet apps versus iPad apps. Note that this isn’t a slight on Android phone devs, but I think there’s a case to be made…