EU rejects ACTA

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A huge victory for the internet. Karel De Gucht, the EU commissioner responsible for the treaty, has been quoted as saying that a negative vote would not stop the commission from pursuing “the current procedure before the Court.” Although the European Court of Justice will still rule on whether ACTA is compatible with EU law,… Read more »

The Pirate Bay changing

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On February 29th, thepiratebay will be shifting how it sends torrents to users. People will be able to download all files as usual, but instead of using a .torrent file downloads will be initiated through a magnet link. The actual content of the .torrent file will then be downloaded from other people instead of the… Read more »

SOPA, PIPA, ACTA use false data

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The reason to have SOPA, PIPA or ACTA is to stop people from downloading content illegally. The question is, would we buy it otherwise? Freakanomics breaks it down elegantly… There are certainly a lot of people who download music and movies without paying. It’s clear that, at least in some cases, piracy substitutes for a… Read more »


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SOPA might be down and out (for now) but an international trade agreement called ACTA is being brought to the fore again. Spearheaded by US and EU bureaucrats (read as: dicks) it aims to do exactly as SOPA & PIPA did on a global scale, with some terrifying consequences. This video will enlighten you. More… Read more »