Circles get volume control

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Google+ just added a really important feature, that I’ll dub “the Robert Scoble control”… it’s basically a volume slider to turn down the amount of activity a circle dumps into your main stream. As I said before, Google are playing the long game with this one. Slowly but surely scratch at the competition with your… Read more »

Facebook on Android is stickier

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TechCrunch posted a stats-heavy article about Facebook being more popular on Android, “finally”. The figures aren’t really reflective of anything. Though the article does admit that Facebook as an app garnishes more users on iOS than Android, but more people revisit the app daily on Android than iOS. This proves one thing and one thing… Read more »

That Apple TV, again

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According to WSJ… Apple is also working on its own television that relies on wireless streaming technology to access shows, movies and other content, according to people briefed on the project. Jobs was asked about this at his last big executive town hall in Cupertino, and his response was negative on the idea of an… Read more »

Idea Magazine

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Not sure who these guys are, what their background is or why they’re doing this magazine. But it’s free to read and it’s very nice. Issue #1 is titled “Ireland as a service” (IAAS). For those wondering where the fun in that name is, it’s derived from the computer science theme “Software as a Service”… Read more »

iOS notification center

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I’ve always loved the way iOS handles notifications, particularly in iOS5, which pushes email, twitter, facebook, g+ and other notifications to the front of your phone. It’s a handy way to keep track of things in the morning for all that overnight activity you weren’t actively checking. Path, the social app which recently went into… Read more »

The new Twitter

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A lot of people appear to be disappointed in the new twitter. Today Scoble has a lengthy post about how he feels on Google+, including a lot of his usual conjecture and “context builds” from him talking to employees and people “in the know”. I understand why they are doing it. They are trying to… Read more »

Online streaming

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I’m a big fan of Bayern Munich. A huge fan, in fact. The kind of fan who broadcasts their love for their team and then buys the jersey every year. The one issue with supporting German football in a country where English football dominates? Watching games on TV. I can’t watch my team play outside… Read more »

Tweetdeck 1.0

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Since Tweedeck was acquired by Twitter itself, many wondered how the app would be changed. Today we have that answer, as Tweetdeck arrived onto the Mac App Store free of charge with a slew of features. It has the usual stuff; It’s based on columns for handling aspects of Twitter & Facebook (to a lesser… Read more »

Twitter runs an advert

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I have to say, of all the social networks/web services I use, Twitter is my most favoured. It’s the community spirit it has that I like – even when that community gets negative. I’m not sold on the new web UI, but the rarity in which I use the web to read/post tweets means it… Read more »